Women in Power II Art Show

My new painting inspired by a dear friend was accepted to an art show that celebrates “Womxn who use creativity as their Superpower.” It will run at the Beaumont Art Centre’s B1 Gallery from April 2 to May 1.

Click here to check out the Womxn In Power Vol.2 exhibition catalogue.

Dementia TV

So honoured and excited to be part of the core team launching a new media project designed for people living with dementia. ZinniaTV features high quality, gently-paced videos that intend to help stimulate connection and reinvigorate identity. 

We’re still in early stages of what we intend to create but so far feedback has been super positive — even from people with kids or adults with healthy brains who want a break from the onslaught of stressful information and advertising on regular TV.

Please share the site with anyone in your life who might enjoy a few minutes of relaxing and invigorating viewing, whether or not they’ve received a dementia diagnosis. We’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can make it even better.

New Choir Website, New Digital Voice

The Victoria Philharmonic Choir wanted a new website to make it easy to find concert information and buy tickets. I suggested we could rebrand the organization to reflect the choir’s professionalism and dedication, but also encourage patrons to sign up for updates and learn more about the choir’s history.

I started by restructuring the site architecture and chose a visual scheme that would make their site (literally and figuratively) visible to patrons of all ages. From there I polished and added to their messaging, included rich content such as buttons, photos, a media gallery, and countless helpful links, added archive materials, and invited photographer Frank Lee to capture the choir in rehearsal: