Michael Moore master class

Michael and Me

As if getting to attend an evening presentation with Michael Moore wasn’t enough, the Oscar-winning filmmaker came to CCA in the afternoon for a master documentary class with the film students.

(Thank goodness I took that Rob Epstein/ Lynn Kirby studio class this year!)

Though more of a conversation than a lesson — in which he seemed mildly horrified to learn the new generation of filmmakers is watching film primarily on tiny screens — he shared a few essential tips of great filmmaking:

Sound is more important than picture

Editing is the Last Stage of Writing

Story is King

He also shared his list of must-watch films: Gravity, 12 Years a Slave (Moore says this may win best picture), Grizzly Man, Czech Dream, Taxi Driver, Kenny (an Aussie doc about a guy who cleans port-a-johns), WallE, The Pope’s Toilet, Lost in America by Albert Brooks, A Clockwork Orange, and of course, Dr Strangelove.

Check out Michael’s latest shenanigans at MichaelMoore.com.

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