I read, therefore I Grad!

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This Friday night I’ll be one of five writers giving a final reading at CCA to satisfy our degree requirements. Don’t I make that exciting? I’ll be reading from my thesis project, [non-apocalyptic!] future fiction set in 2059, a time when humans have learned how to integrate with tech and nature, but still have a way to go with developing synchronous relationships.

“>Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 16.46.26

from Projectile (in progress):


“Early morning sun crests the jagged NewCity skyline. Still pale but already hot, the sunlight glints off the glass towers and warms the dewy rooftop gardens. Pedestrian bridges that connect one building to the next are lined with fruit trees and flowers, and vegetable vines cling to staggered tower balconies rising 30 stories or more.
At ground level, people move through the last of dusk’s shadows as the towers transition from liveSpaces to workSpaces. Early risers run or join in clusters to work out in the community zone that overlooks Central Pond. Those already starting their work day walk, or cycle, or climb spiral stairwells to elevated eCab platforms. These monstrously long rail lines, like eight squatting concrete geckos whose tails are fused at the tips, bring eCab trains in from the outskirts—some, even across the country—to merge at centralCity station.”


…so much relief:

_final thesis reading

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