Some Degree of Masterfulness.

Projectile Book jacket

I couldn’t be more delighted that my thesis project, a novel-in-progress called Projectile, has been written, revised, accepted and signed off on by CCA’s MFAW department.

It’s a novel set in the Bay Area in 2059, after the big quake. As people rebuild, they find myriad ways to integrate technology and nature, but soon discover there’s no easy fix for human nature.

It’s literary fiction with a sci-fi aesthetic: future fiction that eschews being post-apocalyptic, in hope of being pre-utopic, and helping envision a future we might actually want.

Huge thanks to my brilliant thesis committee, Eric Olson and Shanthi Sekaran, and to the impeccable faculty and administrators at the college. It’s truly been life-changing experience. And I don’t just mean presenting it for my final thesis reading to a full Timken Hall at CCA:

presenting at the Word World thesis readings

As of May 16th I will officially hold a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts. Pity me my employability-to-debt ratio! (Especially once the champagne bill arrives.)

Steps of City Hall

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