Alex Gibney, the prolific documentarian

Alex Gibney doodle

On April 24, CCA’s Film department brought in yet another fascinating documentary director, Alex Gibney. The Oscar winning director of Taxi to the Dark Side has already released three buzz-worthy films this year, including Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief for HBO. (You’ll never look at Tom Cruise the same way again.)

I was lucky enough to hear Mr Gibney twice, in a master class for CCA film students and then at the SF film festival, where he discussed the challenges of capturing the real story in Enron: the smartest guys in the room, how he dealt with Laurene Powell Jobs cautioning people not to be interviewed for his newest film, Steve Jobs: Man in the Machine, and on his filmmaking philosophy: story rules all, followed closely by artfully crafted visual image systems.

Fascinating to also learn that people like him (and me), who are good at multitasking, are able to keep projects feeling fresh and produce a lot (especially when you have a huge team of research assistants), but that type of personality/mindset also doesn’t retain information as well, so it’s good to hire some single-focus researchers who do.

Alex Gibney

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