A Whole New Choir (Website)

My latest project have demonstrated the (re)branding power of a new website.

Perched on chair overlooking the last row of sopranos at a regular Wednesday rehearsal of the Victoria Philharmonic Choir, camera in hand, I was stunned to feel the power of those 80 voices reverberating through the room as they ran through a crescendo in John Rutter’s Requiem.

Particularly since this was their public face to date; a functional but outdated website that didn’t come close to mirroring their professionalism:



I was there with photographer Frank Lee to capture the choir in action, and used his images as well as archive materials to create their new Squarespace website:



I’m very proud of how it’s turned out, thanks to the unflinching assistance of Choir Manager Sherry Lepage, aided by Kathleen Sheffield, and Squarespace’s easy-to-navigate platform. Hopefully it will inspire even more people to support their work and help give them back a bit of the joy their performances offer to their community.

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