New Choir Website, New Digital Voice

VPChoir practice

Perched on chair overlooking the last row of sopranos at a Wednesday night  rehearsal of the Victoria Philharmonic Choir, camera in hand, I was stunned to feel the power of those 80 voices reverberating through the room as they ran through a crescendo in John Rutter’s Requiem.

It was a power one didn’t expect when looking at their previous website:


To evoke that professionalism and dedication in their digital presence, I invited photographer Frank Lee to join me to capture the choir in action, and used his images as well as archive materials to create the choir’s new website and online “voice”:


The mandate was to make the site highly visible (literally and figuratively) to patrons of all ages — and to make it simple to buy tickets, sign up for updates, find more information or donate. By polishing the writing, refining the look and adding meaningful content such as buttons, engaging chorister images, a media gallery and countless links, we were able to deliver a far richer experience of the choir’s long-standing excellence.

I’m very proud of how the site turned out — thanks to the unflinching assistance of Choir Manager Sherry Lepage, aided by Webmasters Kathleen Sheffeld and Kathryn Tate. Hopefully it will inspire even more people to support the choir, and will document their evocative performances while capturing a bit of the joy they bring to their city.

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