Yakking while Kayaking

While Kayaking on Mayne Island this summer, I met some nice people — one of which was having a birthday that day, so I put together a 5-min excursion memory for them. (Also an excuse to test out Apple’s new app “Clips.”)

Doodling on Toronto Transit

The Toronto Transit Commission selected one of my drawings for their 2017 Art in Transit program, Sketching the Line. It started appearing on random Toronto subway cars this summer. Such an honor! (I’m just shy about it being a selfie… #shouldafixedthatface) CLICK HERE to see the ones they didn’t choose. Update: It was wild to accidentally…Read more »

Book Trailer Launched Today!

Pig Face, AKA Lester, is the snot-nosed little brother no one wants following them. Particularly his sister Tracy and her BFF Ralph, when they find a big bag of misplaced moolah at the ball diamond. As they navigate their small town’s travails to try to sniff out clues to solve the mystery, they gradually discover that, snot or not, Pig Face just…Read more »