KCWIFT & Kansas City Film Festival Short Screenplay Contest Audience Choice  [2013]

NYC Midnight’s Short Story Challenge  Quarter Finalist (Top 5, first round)  [2013]

Hot Shot Shorts  Semi-Finalist  [2012]

NYC Midnight’s Screenwriter’s Challenge  Quarter Finalist (Top 5, first round)  [2012]

Kansas City WIFT & AMC® Theatres  Short Screenplay Contest  Finalist  [2012]

Crazy8s Eight-Day Filmmaking Extravaganza  Semi-Finalist  [2012]

LA Comedy Shorts film festival  Finalist  [2011]

Five Minute Film Challenge  Cold Reading Series  Finalist  [2011]

Praxis Feature Film Screenplay Competition  Honorable Mention [2009]

Writing Fairy Sort-of-Annual Humour Contest  Finalist [2008]


Communication Arts Interactive Annual
Interactive – [2006]

Applied Arts Design and Advertising Annual
Interactive – [2006]

Interactive – [2005]


American Graphic Design Awards
World of Creative Possibilities Catalog [2006]
Needs Catalog [2006]
Image Showcase #1, #2 [2005]

HOW magazine Perfect 10 Awards
Image Showcase #1 [2005]

Direct Marketing Association’s International ECHO Award
Very Big Summer Activity Book [2005]

Applied Arts Design and Advertising Annual
The World’s Greatest Activity Book for Creatives Ever [2007]
Needs Catalog [2006]
Image Showcase #1, #2, #3 [2005]

HOW Magazine Self-Promotion Awards
Image Showcase #2 [2005]
Very Big Summer Activity Book [2005]

Advertising & Design Club of Canada: Directions
Image Showcase #1 [2005]


California College of the Arts – Chair Scholarship [2013]

City of Calgary – Employee Teamwork Recognition [2004]

I had a one-act play staged through the University of Victoria’s FIND Studio Series.

While at Selkirk College, the Languages & Literature Department honoured me with three Excellence Awards and had me write their fundraising brochure.