Sketching the Line Finalist!

This doodle was selected as a finalist in the Toronto Transit Commission’s art on board contest, Sketching the Line. Such an honor! It would be super cool to see my drawing on a streetcar or in an underground train, but I’m shy about it being a selfie… #shouldafixedthatface haha

CLICK HERE to see all my drawing submissions for this TTC program.

Loopy Selfie

Celebrating ❤️ with a new wedding film

Madison and Ryan wedding still.jpg

There’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day today than to ship a 30-minute wedding movie of Ryan and Madison’s special day.

I didn’t shoot the footage for this one and the company who did had a few issues with three of their four camera people — little things like focus, sound, missing shots, and a tendency to bump or jerk the camera away right at the big moment. This made editing much tricker than my previous two weddings, but it was an excellent creative challenge to find work-arounds and still deliver something the couple and their families loved. Luckily that fourth camera could make beautiful images and the wedding itself was styled to perfection, so there were more than a few stunning moments to work with.

Book Trailer Launched Today!

Pig Face, AKA Lester, is the snot-nosed little brother no one wants following them. Particularly his sister Tracy and her BFF Ralph, when they find a big bag of misplaced moolah at the ball diamond. As they navigate their small town’s travails to try to sniff out clues to solve the mystery, they gradually discover that, snot or not, Pig Face just might be awful handy to have around.

Click the YouTube image above to watch the 90-second book trailer I created for Wendy McLeod MacKnight‘s a terrific debut middle-grade novel, It’s a Mystery, Pig Face!