A Winter Wedding

There was a lot more to magic, as Harry quickly found out, than waving your wand and saying a few funny words.” — HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE

Set amidst bracing snowy winter weather and picturesque holiday decorations, the magic of Hillary and Adrian’s intimate winter wedding carried through their Harry Potter theme and custom games into the joy of sharing their special day with their loved ones.


Yakking while Kayaking


While Kayaking on Mayne Island this summer, I met some nice people — one of which was having a birthday that day, so I put together a 5-min excursion memory for them. (Also an excuse to test out Apple’s new app “Clips.”)

Doodling on Toronto Transit

The Toronto Transit Commission selected one of my drawings for their 2017 Art in Transit program, Sketching the Line. It started appearing on random Toronto subway cars this summer. Such an honor! (I’m just shy about it being a selfie… #shouldafixedthatface)

CLICK HERE to see the ones they didn’t choose.




It was wild to accidentally discover that my TTC drawing was featured in this Now magazine article. No doubt Cliff Goldstein’s story inspired TTC & Pattison, as before the story ran they did reach out to offer payment for using the artwork. (A tiny bit of research suggests they do pay creatives in other cities with similar programs.) The cash is really just a bonus, though: I felt entirely privileged to be featured in such high-visibility ad spots, and grateful to TTC & Pattison for offering local artists this opportunity.

Celebrating ❤️ with a new wedding film

There’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day today than to ship a 30-minute wedding movie of Ryan and Madison’s special day. Here’s a 48-second glimpse into my 33-minute cut. I didn’t shoot the footage for this one and the company who did had a few issues with three of their four camera people — little things like focus, sound, missing shots, and a tendency to bump or jerk the camera away right at the big moment. This made editing much tricker than my previous two weddings, but it was an excellent creative challenge to find work-arounds and still deliver something the couple and their families loved. Luckily the wedding itself was styled to perfection and that fourth cameraperson could make beautiful images, so there were more than a few stunning moments to work with.