Two More Public Radio Stories


I’m taking over the public radio airwaves next month! On March 2nd and 28th I’ll have radio stories on public radio. Listen in at 5 PM on 91.7FM or afterwards on

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Josh Miele: Technologist for the Blind

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On March 2nd I profiled Dr Joshua Miele, a blind scientist and inventor who said no to NASA to start his own innovation lab that designs accessible technologies for the visually impaired. (Edited by Angela Johnston, with sound design by James Rowlands.

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Walking the Philosopher’s Way in McLaren Park

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On March 29th I’ll report on a public art and trail project created by artists Susan Schwartzenberg and Peter Richards. The Philosopher’s Way was designed to transform one of San Francisco’s big, scary parks into a scenic, philosophical retreat. (Edited by Ninna Gaensler-Debs with sound design by James Rowlands.)


My public radio profile of the amazing Dr Josh Miele was picked up for rebroadcast on Gatewave, a NYC nonprofit radio network broadcasting to the blind and visually impaired. “Our World” is a 30-minute broadcast that airs on Wednesdays. “My living room” is a place I will be dancing out the joy for the next 15+ minutes.


Marketing the SF Film Festival


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Though I’m typically found in the Creative Dept, I’m getting another glimpse at life from the Marketing side of the room for the 59th annual San Francisco International Film Festival (April 21st to May 5th).

As their Marketing and Publications Intern, I don’t get the best desk chair, but I am getting front row seats to the internal process of putting up a major international film festival — as well as seats for new films, and filmmaker events like this post-screening Q&A with Eye in the Sky director Gavin Hood and SFFS’s Executive Director Noah Cowan. Exciting!


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Judging is Fun! (and not easy…)

The Kansas City Film Festival hasn’t forgotten me, it seems. Since I haven’t entered the short screenplay contest for the past three years, but did well in the two I did enter, KCWIFT (Women in Film and Television) asked if I’d be a preliminary judge for this year’s contest. A honor and a half! I now have a whole new respect for their process: judging isn’t easy, but it is great fun to read new work. Can’t wait to see who wins!