New Choir Website, New Digital Voice

The Victoria Philharmonic Choir wanted a new website to make it easy to find concert information and buy tickets. I suggested we could rebrand the organization to reflect the choir’s professionalism and dedication, but also encourage patrons to sign up for updates and learn more about the choir’s history.

I started by restructuring the site architecture and chose a visual scheme that would make their site (literally and figuratively) visible to patrons of all ages. From there I polished and added to their messaging, included rich content such as buttons, photos, a media gallery, and countless helpful links, added archive materials, and invited photographer Frank Lee to capture the choir in rehearsal:


The Things You’ll Find Under a Bridge in Montreal


OK, technically it was under the Van Horne Viaduct, which my creative partner Frank and I were crossing when we heard The Van Hornies’ Tuesday night practice in the park down below.

Being us, we immediately took out our iPhones, started shooting and captured the last song of the evening, which I’ve just finished editing:

The music (and the musicians) weren’t the only hot things there that day: on July 3 2018 the whole province was enduring a heat wave with record high temperatures.