Marketing and PR

I was shy once. Two life experiences helped nudge me out of that. The first was playing drums in my family’s wedding dance band from ages 14 to 20. The second was having a variety of cool jobs that required me to work their marketing booths. Including:
Arts Commons FINAL
Marketing the three music series at the EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts (smartly rebranded as the Arts Commons),

Promoting an original musical about being a can-can girl in Dawson City, Yukon for the Blue Collar Dance Company (now Blue Bird Moving Arts), and

representing Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives at both the AIGA Design Conference in Boston, MS and the HOW Design Conference in Chicago, IL. It was fantastic to get so much love from our customers, but in the opening hours of How, Veer gave away 1,000 original, one-off T-shirts, which felt a little like being eaten by piranhas (sans pain.)

CAS logo

The California Academy of Sciences has invited me to return for a second NightLife event. I’ll be presenting a carnival-style game that demonstrates how animals hear using seismic vibration, which I developed for biomimetic industrial design class.

good vibes Be at CAS

Were they nuts? As a kid in my very first semester of an Applied Writing certificate program, the college asked me to write their fundraising brochure:

Selkirk College - fundraising brochure

(That year I also wrote the brochure for the Phil Malekow Peace Award, published a book review in The Vancouver Sun, and was Assistant Editor on W Magazine.)

Now brace yourself for the excitement of reading sample press releases:

        PressRelease_DawsontheMusical   PressRelease_EPCORcentre

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