Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives

Imagine Getty Images’ little brother as a hipster designer, and you’ll get the Veer brand. More than just licensing photos, illustrations, and type, Veer was all about inspiring creativity in our customers.

I was with Veer for nearly three years before it was absorbed into Corbis. Here’s a look at just a few of the pieces I’d helped create.

Veer’s monthly Visual Elements Catalog

This print piece was all about buttering the bread, but it always opened with a fun concept section, followed by an unending supply of stock images of business people and sun kissed couples on white sand beaches. Because we were marketing to marketers, it was always a challenge to find new ways to tell fresh renditions of what was essentially the same story — but we Veer copywriters excelled at combing the image archives to find inspiring new spins on old wheels. For example, I created a gallery of business images related to the Morning Routine and another about the Job Interview. On another day my designer/ collaborator was dreading our task of marketing a new collection of food photos — until I wrote this:

Marketing Food Images - Veer

Image Showcase (series)

Image-rich catalogs that showed the diversity of images on one topic and some delightful copy at the ends of the sections. An Applied Arts Awards winner:

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 3.18.33 AM

Needs catalog

The top designer and I were tasked with creating Veer’s most luxurious print piece. The concept was to delve deeply into the human experience. Each spread evokes a different human need, such as laughter, romance, safety, or freedom. I’m proud to have contributed concept and copy as well as several visual ideas. Also proud that this won props from Applied Arts and The American Graphic Design Awards. (Get a better look at it in the Creative Director’s portfolio:

Needs catalog - cover

A Little Bit Of… a type catalog

Wrote this tiny look at Veer’s giant font collection:

New Old catalog

Since today’s grannies today are more likely to heli-ski than sewing bee, we decided to explore the new face of old. Contains extensive statistics, original interviews, and era-appropriate song lyrics that capture each section’s theme. [Won kudos from Applied Arts.]
Lee Houghton - inside cover

One of my very favorite tasks was writing cheeky Merchandise Blurbs for Veer’s in-house store:

Veer BriefcaseKERN jersey

Also had a blast helping make customer gifts like our “Free T-shirt” (yes, that was the copy that hopefully inspired many an elevator-conversation) and Veer’s highly anticipated Summer Activity Books:

Then, after cranking out even more concepts and copy for the website, interactive games, video tutorials and for print ads, I’d take a minute to exhale Veer’s weekly marketing emails, such as Tap into Talent, or their highest revenue generator: It’s Marchandise!

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 1.50.59 PM

I haven’t been writing much copy lately, though in spring 2018, I wrote this blurb for Toronto real estate agent Alan Wong: and refined or created most of the copy for both of the websites I made in 2018.

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