Creative Writing

Click here to read one poem (inspired by Pablo Neruda’s Odes) as well as these two stories of exactly 100 words each, because I get it. You’re busy too.


Ed’s headaches were getting worse. He’d tried everything: pills, cold compresses, aromatherapy oils, even vigorous scalp tugging. The only thing that would relieve the nauseating pressure was lying on his back humming Bob Dylan.

One morning, after a particularly vivid dream about a fleet of jackhammers, Ed felt the side of his head crack open and heard a tiny VW van sputter out. Several teeny hippies hopped out to lock up, then honked and zoomed off across the pillow, leaving Ed entirely pain-free amidst the lingering fumes. His relief was palpable. Until they returned from vacation two weeks later.


Derek didn’t like to chew. He preferred to sip his meals to maximize nutrient absorption. This annoyed his housemate Rao, a large Brazilian man with a passion for cologne.

One Monday as Derek liquefied his oatmeal Rao moved out, taking his blender.

Desperate, Derek had to grind his roasted chicken, potatoes and gravy by hand and strain the wet pulp through Rao’s abandoned wool skullcap. When the angry hulk returned for it, the hat looked clean but smelled exactly like his mother’s house after Sunday dinner.

Instead of violence, this inspired Rao and Derek’s successful new line of food-scented clothing.

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