Veer’s creative directors were way ahead of the marketing curve when they started a blog and added these fun web initiatives. To inspire customers to search, we devised a handful of interactive pieces.

In one I encouraged our customers to doodle all over our products. This one posed an interesting challenge for our interaction designers. It launched on right before the entire creative team got on a plane for the HOW Design conference, unaware that while we flew, Doodle was blowing up the site as thousands of designers all tried to deface our photos at once. They had to work with IT to not only restore functionality, but find a way to censor some of the more risqué doodles coming in. (Shame it’s no longer live, it was fun!)

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 13.47.35

The other two were dioramas to get people exploring our image library. Our interaction designer, Dan Parry, worked hard to sneak in a big, juicy easter egg. If users hovered over Cliff (the guy in the tree) and pressed the spacebar, the’d be invited to play Picnic Attack, where Cliff has to shimmy out of the way of the bear, eagle and squirrels while noshing pizza slices to keep his strength up.

This is the print ad teaser we ran for the campaign in Communication Arts, etc:

Veer Camping Diaorama Print Ad

These interactive strategies were so successful, we started to feel like we’d won a Talent Show.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 13.56.45


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