Polly at the Esalen Baths

Polly at the Esalen Baths, the fifth painting I’ve ever attempted, is an oil portrait I made in a painting class at the California College of the Arts. Any progress I made over the semester is due to the incredible guidance from CCA painting guru/ philosopher/ life coach Bryan Keith Thomas and his invaluable and gifted TA, Chiyomi McKibbin.

Here’s a look at that evolution from February to May, 2014:

Self-Portrait (1st)

Self-Portrait (2nd)

Self-Portrait (final)

Since this class ended, I’ve completed seven more portrait studies in acrylic, despite no longer having CCA’s wonderful studio space to work in. I did this French vase in oil:


This acrylic underpainting detail is from a full size, full-body oil portrait:


Here are two portraits I’m currently working on:

Portrait of a Friend


Our class showed a few pieces in the main nave of CCA’s SF campus for a few days in April, but I didn’t have my first official art show of five pieces until November 7-21, 2014, as part of CCA’s International Student Exhibition at the College Avenue Galleries.

Berenice Art Show

More recently I treated myself to a portraiture class at OCADU in Toronto, which.





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