“Working with a new web designer is almost as scary as trying out a new hair stylist: you might get something that’s trendy, flashy and completely not ‘you.’ So it was with great relief and satisfaction that the Victoria Philharmonic Choir proudly launched our new website, In designing the site Berenice really listened to what we needed and wanted. She was enthusiastic, responsive and professional, and we are thrilled with the way she and photographer Frank Lee have captured the essence of what the VPC offers. The new look and functionality represents the choir in a professional, dynamic and joyous style that will endure for years to come. Our choristers and Board are all thrilled with the results of their work!”

– Sherry Lepage, Choir Manager, Victoria Philharmonic Choir

“Creative, heart-felt, emotional, beautiful. Just a few words to describe the incredible video that Berenice was able to create for us. Spending countless hours, with a remarkable attention to detail, Berenice was able to transform over 30 hours of raw, unfiltered footage into a beautifully edited short film that perfectly captured the best moments of our wedding day. Through a unique blend of b-roll footage, voice over, and photo integration, Berenice crafted a video that will be watched and shared for years to come.”

– Madison & Ryan

“Berenice is a diligent reader on whom nothing is lost. She is responsible, intelligent and kind, and she has a remarkable work ethic. Oh, and she’s also a very talented writer.”

Daniel Gumbiner, Managing Editor, McSweeney’s Quarterly

“In the three years that I worked with Berenice at Veer, I relied on her to give life to my marketing strategy. She never disappointed. Not only did she have exceptional copywriting skills, but she was client-focused and eager to provide a solution that worked. Imaginative, enthusiastic and hard-working – I’d be delighted to work with her again.”

Marla Clark, Marketing Manager, Telus

“I hired Berenice to do videography for my sister’s wedding and working with her was an absolute dream. Not only was she extremely in tune with the vision for the video and what the bride and groom wanted to capture, but she went above and beyond by doing interviews with guests at the wedding. She asked guests thoughtful questions that later translated into a priceless video for our family to have. I couldn’t believe the attention to detail she put in to this video, she even used music that lined up with the wedding’s theme and had our whole family emotional when later watching it. I can’t recommend Berenice enough for her high-quality work, incredible work ethic, and end results that manage to perfectly capture once in a lifetime moments.”

-Hailley Griffis, Public Relations Director, Buffer

“Berenice’s writing is gorgeous, sleek, and sexy. I can’t stop thinking about her story, Room 914.

New York Times Bestselling Author Julie Lythcott-Haims

“We truly cannot find words to thank Berenice enough for creating the film of our special day. The countless hours, classic Berenice creativity, and thoughtfulness captured each moment of our wedding better than anything we could have imagined. This incredible, life-long gift will now form a staple of our anniversary.”

And a follow up:

“I’ll be saying this forever… Thank you so much for our absolutely beautiful wedding video. We watched it again for our fifth year celebration (in a limo with champagne. ) I cried several times while watching it: all happy, grateful tears! It brought back such incredible memories that really can best be captured in video and photo format. Really, I just can’t thank you enough. Watching it again made it clear that you must have put in thousands of hours to make it as perfect as it is.  

-Stephanie Tait, Master Facilitator/ Corporate Trainer, ExperiencePoint

“People need to know how talented Berenice is, to be able to do all she does and make it all absolutely exquisite. Last evening was the seventh time I have watched the two hour video she made of my husband’s Celebration of Life. She created a masterpiece. Have sent it out to so many and everyone loves it, it has been viewed 90 times! She is so gifted. My husband lived his life in joy, and Berenice captured that perfectly — also in a tribute article she wrote for the coastal newspaper. That really started the ball rolling before the celebration, so that friends and family knew that there was nothing to grieve. She also made a photo book from our photo archive that I just cherish. It’s already dogeared and each time I open it I cry just thinking about how handsome and happy he is in those photos; on his sailboat, and with our sons, and in the homes we built together. That collection tells the story of our life and I absolutely cherish it. It is always within reach.”

— Evans Hermon

“Berenice was a joy to work with – so creative and so interested in everything. I cannot recommend her enough! I met Berenice at a Writer’s Conference last June. While chatting, I mentioned that I wanted to make a book trailer, but that my budget was non-existent as were my filmmaking skills. Berenice jumped right in, offering her skills, her enthusiasm and optimism. A few months later and voila – I now have an amazing book trailer that perfectly captures the essence of my middle grade novel. I will definitely work with her again.”

-Wendy McLeod MacKnight, Author

“Berenice was an invaluable asset on the production team for my latest short film. She took initiative, had a great attitude and helped things run smoothly on set. I’m looking forward to working together again on the next one!”

— Colin Levy, Camera & Staging Resident, Pixar

“Berenice was tremendous support during the 2016 San Francisco International Film Festival. Her positive attitude and willingness to help with a wide array of projects brought great energy to the Marketing team.”

Julia Nelson, San Francisco Film Society

“Berenice is a poet among copywriters. Her writing is lyrical, yet still accomplishes the heavy lifting required of it. She finds the heart of what she’s writing about and sells its story like nobody’s business. On top of that, she’s extremely kind, gracious and generous.”

– Lori Burwash, former Editor (Veer), Writer (Dissolve)

“I have read hundreds of screenplays over the years and Berenice’s work is a cut above. She has a unique and defined voice, incredibly interesting story ideas and is a consummate professional in person. Our organization has been pleased to honor her twice as a finalist in our annual screenplay contest and as our Audience Choice Award Winner for 2013.”

– Meagan Flynn-Mesmer, Vice President, Kansas City WIFT

“Berenice’s short video of myself and my grandkids was lovely! It’s a real keepsake. Her talent with videography makes our lives look idyllic.”

– Anne Hopkinson, Retired Teacher & Poet

“When talent meets uncommon authenticity, HIRE! The photo books Berenice has made for our business and our family over the years are the most precious gifts we’ve ever received. To be able to see your life reflected with so much beauty and grace… Berenice’s talent is priceless.”

– Jean-Pierre LeBlanc, Co-Founder, Saje Natural Wellness

“Berenice is turning into my mini development/ story department. Her comments are immensely helpful and always filled with insight.”

Lorne Hiltser, Director/ Producer/ Writer

“Berenice and I worked on two large projects that required tenacity and creative flexibility. Berenice brought her perpetual optimism to every interaction and this was particularly obvious with the clients. She has an incredible capacity to really hear what one is looking for and manages to reflect and produce it in a completely and refreshingly FUNky way that exudes professionalism with panache. She manages deadlines and works well under pressure and her sense of humour is a healing balm. I would work with her again in a heartbeat, and do not hesitate to recommend her for any writing or creative assignment.”

– Dana Wilson, Mortal Coil Media

“A quick story: Berenice took her two mentees on a field trip on her own time after class, putting things together every step of the way. This required no small amount of organization and effort on her behalf, and her students were thrilled to have such an opportunity… It’s a terrific example of the kind of work Berenice does for her students and her job, going the extra mile, and some, to do the best she can do. Principled, reliable, a steady presence with an enormous curiosity and no small amount of chutzpah, Berenice gives her absolute best to whatever job she takes on. She is the real deal, an extremely talented and compassionate individual that any organization would be lucky to have.”

– Matthew Iribarne, Author/ Lecturer SF State/Continuing Studies Instructor Stanford

“She nailed it. Every note was a light bulb of increasing brightness. The script Berenice analyzed has already won awards. But based on her detailed notes, I believe my next draft will truly open doors.”

Peter Kennedy, Screenwriter

“Berenice’s critique of my corporate presentation was incredibly valuable. She helped me see it with ‘fresh eyes’ and edit it to convey a simpler message, add more visuals, and make it aesthetically pleasing. It will now be more engaging and valuable to my audience.”

Sherri Cragg, Owner, Nutritional Wellness Clinic

“I would love to take a writing class taught by Berenice. I don’t even like writing, but when we worked together on my fine art thesis she helped make it fun and helped me get past my insecurity.”

Chiyomi McKibbin – Painter/Art Teacher

“We are all so grateful to Berenice for creating the Victoria Philharmonic Choir’s wonderful new website. Our members are all very excited to see the new site, and all the amazing photographs. Berenice was a pleasure to work with and our members were all impressed with her creativity, her personal commitment, and her enthusiasm. It was a great experience to work with Berenice and and photographer Frank Lee, and now we have a website that we’re all very proud of.”

– Kathleen Sheffeld, Chorister and former Webmaster, VPChoir

“Berenice was a great addition to the team during the inaugural CCA Secret Project Blitz in collaboration with Google and the Eastside College Preparatory School. She was enthusiastic, engaged, and open to “thinking wrong” about ingenious solutions for positive change in the community of East Palo Alto.”

– John Bielenberg, Future

“Berenice’s insight is sharp and intelligent. Her analysis of my script was thorough and her enthusiasm for the story contagious. She gave me great tools to get back to the drawing board and re-work the kinks. I look forward to working with her again on my next script.”

Michal Lavi , Writer/Director Lazy Susan Productions

“Will definitely have Berenice at the top of the list for any projects that come up. She’s delightful to work with and talented, to say the least.”

Zsuzsi Fodor, Food Systems Planner

“The video Berenice made of me was soo gratifying! It is easily on the top ten of the best gifts that I’ve had, ever. The music is awesome… the way she paired the different moves with the similar vibes. The video screams out loud that good editing can even make a bad skater look cool!”

— Saúl García Lanz, Character Animator

“During one fierce hour of reading and commenting on my short story, Berenice helped me realize where the underlying imagery paralleled my character’s moral journey, helped me see the thematic patterns, and opened up possible ways in which character and narrative could be further developed.”

– Maria Billion, Author

“I’ve had ample occasion to break stories with Berenice; the principles she shared with me inform not only my fiction, but also my chosen reality. The lady knows character (read: she knows people). Ergo, she’ll help you earn an audience’s sympathies, play with their expectations, and nurture genuine engagement throughout a tale of any type. Call her an emotional alchemist, and email her for a taste of what – when she brings it to a boil – borders on naked intuition for how narratives work.”

– Stephen Reese, Writer/Editor

“Berenice is a team player who consistently volunteered for duties well above and beyond her job description. Her publicity acumen effectively increased community awareness of The Blue Collar Dance Company. I found her to be extremely personable, easy to talk to, a pleasure to work with, and would definitely seek her services in the future.”

– Tara Blue, Artistic Director, Blue Bird Moving Arts


“UN-FRIKKIN’-BELIEVABLE how she captures the moment, and more importantly, the spirit of someone. I have never felt so beautiful and alive as when I’m in front of her camera.”

– Jen Lynn Bain, Artist, Royal Whimsy